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Ethical and Conduct Code

About This Project

The challenges currently posed to companies highlight the need for an ethical framework guiding their actions, allowing them to respond to the diversity of social, legal, political and economic contexts in which it operates. HAPPYPROBABILITY believes that the achievement of its defined long-term goals is necessarily based on strict compliance with the highest standards of ethical conduct. HAPPYPROBABILITY assumes the conviction that daily concerns have to be based on a strong sense of social and ethical responsibility and the awareness of the impacts which the exercise of its activity causes, not focusing simply on economic activity.


This document expresses the commitment of HAPPYPROBABILITY with an ethical conduct in its internal and external relationships, aiming to reinforce the applicable ethical standards and the creation of a work environment, reigning the team spirit, quality, passion and strength. It incorporates the values ​​which guide HAPPYPROBABILITY’s performance, as well as the ethical principles and norms of conduct which the company assumes as intrinsically its own.


The main objective of the Ethics and Conduct Code is to inform all its professional partners and the whole community the values ​​recommended, lived and demanded by the company, in order to:

— Promote and share common values ​​and norms of conduct, reinforcing a common culture in the company;

— Promote trusting relationships between the company and all its partners;

— Reducing the subjectivity of personal interpretations about moral and ethical principles;

— Respond to the civic challenge of a consolidated society in ethical principles.


The Ethics and Conduct Code should be a permanent reference in internal work relationships, in the way the tasks ought to be performed and in the conduct towards society as agents of the company.

This code is an instrument which will accompany the evolution of our company and its surroundings.